Monday, 10 October 2011

Willow's Box Dress

Hello everyone!!!

As you all may know Bella, Emily and Zali ( The Blythe Club ) had an WONDERFUL competition!

You had to make something out of boxes, it was SO much fun!

Here is what I made!

Ta-Da! Willow's Box Dress!!

Here is how I made it!

I had LOTS of boxes to choose from because we had just moved house, and there where boxes EVERY WHERE!

I drew a picture of what I wanted to do!!

I used the muesli box and the soap boxes, the belt on the dress has the words "Made With Real Passion" from the muesli box.

 Here she is in the finished dress!!

 And here she is look AMAZING!

And the best thing is.... I won! the 'most creative' prize! A cute little hat donated by Zali that I'm sure Willow will LOVE!

If you'd like to check out all the other amazing entries to the competition, just go HERE

Ivy xxx


Anonymous said...

I love the dress it's sooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Love Madeline

TheIvyTide said...

Thanks, Madeline!!!!!

Cady said...

Hi Ivy, congratulations! I really loved your dress! you are so clever!

Cady :)

TheIvyTide said...

Thanks Cady :)

Semeeah said...

Hello Ivy!I love your Vinter Arden doll and I also have one myself too!I love Vinter Arden so much!If we customized her she probably wouldn't be much pretty like before.I love your 2 blythe doll dresses!I have tons of blythe doll dresses myself too and we also have wigs for our blythe dolls.

TheIvyTide said...

Hi Semeeah!!

I know, Vinter Arden is SO CUTE!Are you going to customize her? I think she'll still be pretty if you do!I have lots of blythe doll dresses too, but I don't have any wigs :( Thanks for commenting Semeeah!

Love Ivy xoxoxo

Semeeah said...

Hello Ivy!I don't think that she looks good if she customized.

TheIvyTide said...

Well, maybe not. Did you customized

Barbora said...

Hii I´m BarboraA!

I really like your paper dress!! I think they are super creative and pretty♥

Have a nice daY!

xx Barbora♥

Ivy said...

Thanks Barbora!