Sunday, 14 August 2011

My new blog!

Hi everyone this is my new blog! So I'm going to tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Ivy and I'm 10*, I love to sew and draw and needle felt and make stuff, and I really love BLYTHE!  I don't have any blythe dolls now but I'm getting Vinter Arden and petite Tea for Two next week*.  I'm so excited!

Well anyway here are some things I've made.

A Sea Unicorn, a Christmas present for my little sister

and a mermaid for my little sister's birthday

and another mermaid for my friend's birthday

I collected shells for their hair, the felt and the wool hair is organic and I needle felted on my little sister's one.

Ivy xxx

*I'm 11 now, and I have about 6 Blythe dolls!


Emily Wind said...

Hello Ivy!!

Your blog is so awesome!! I can't wait until you do more posts!!

You are SO SO clever to needle felt those things! I tried to felt and I was so bad.... but you are SO SO clever!!

Love from Emily (CraftyGirl*) xoxoxo!!

TheIvyTide said...

Thanks Emily! Your blog is totally awesome too! Love Ivy xoxoxo

Semeeah said...

Hi Ivy!Great blog you have!I have found you on Emily blog.I can't wait to see the other stuff you will be posting for the other days.

TheIvyTide said...

Thanks Semeeah, hopefully I'll have more posts up soon. I had a look at your blog - it's utterly awesome!!! Did you know I home school too!!

love Ivy xoxoxo

Semeeah said...

Hi again Ivy!I didn't know that your homeschooled.I have found 2 others girls blogs that they are homeschooled too.One of them left a comment on Emily blog.Thanks a lot for leaving a comment on my blog!I very do appreciate it! :)

TheIvyTide said...

Hello Semeeah, It's good to know that there are some other girls in the blythe club homeschooling, I love to comment on blogs it's SO much Fun!!

Ivy xoxoxo

Sumi said...

Hi Ivy
I LOVE your AWESOME blog!!!!!!!!! Youre so clever to have made those!!!!!!!!! Thanks SOOOO much for commenting on my blog!!! Howd you find out about it?

I love Vinter Arden and Tarts and tea!! Im also getting Vinter arden!!!!
love Sumaiya!!